Friday, 25 October 2013

Sachin Tendulkar | ODI | Matches Played | Total Runs | World Cup Records

**$$$** Matches Played: 463 ( Most ) **$$$**
**$$$** Consecutive ODI Appearances: 185**$$$**
**$$$** Most Stadium Appearances: 90 different Grounds. **$$$**
**$$$** Inning appearances: 452 ( Most ). Sachin Tendulkar first to appear in 400 innings in ODI matches. **$$$**

Diwali sms in Telugu | Hindi | English | Marathi | Diwali 2013 sms

Happy Diwali Hindi SMS 2013 and test messages
*$$$*Na kannire neku kaligiste santosham..                                      
Nenu yedchi chestanoka samudram.                                     
Snehamane naavalo ninu cherustanu aananda teeram.                                                
Nenu koredi nee kshemam.                                                      
Dani kosam nenu denikaina siddham.                                    
O nestam! Bahusa idenemo sneham.                                    
Adi pondalante chesukovali entho punyam.                       
Adi pondaleni jeevitham vyartham. *$$$*
Diwali sms in Telugu

Happy Diwali 2013 | Advance | Sms | English | Wishes | Marathi | Scraps | Hindi

*$$$*Dosto se har lamhe me diwali hai,
Dosti ki ye dunia diwani hai,
dosto ke bina jindgi bekar hai,
dosto se hi to jindgi me bahar hai…
Happy Diwali*$$$*
Happy Diwali in Advance

Advance Diwali Messages Whishes | Happy Diwali in Advance | Diwali 2013 Greetings

*$$$*Aankho Se Aansuon Ki Judai Kar Do
Dil Se Gumo Ki Vidaai Kar Do
Agar Dil Na Lage Kahin To
Aajao Mere Ghar Ki Putaai Ker Do
Offer DIWALI Tak Valid Hai... *$$$*
Wish U A Very HAppY Dewali
Happy Diwali in Advance

Rahul Gandhi | Controversial Speech | Video | Youtube | English | Hindi | Transcript | Speech Full Text

Harping on family will get Rahul Gandhi nowhere. He seems to have lost the ability to connect with the masses and it showed in his speech in Rajasthan. Rahul’s media advisers and speech writers may have also given him the wrong message that he may be able to cash in on a sympathy vote by raising the issue of the death of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Again trying to give a lesson in history to voters may not produce the desired results as they are more interested in what is happening in the present.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Love Quotes | Cute | True | For Him | Short | Sad | Italian | Sweet | Falling In Love

**^*^** You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.  **^*^**
Love Quotes
**^*^** Love is what you've been through with somebody.  **^*^**
Love Quotes
**^*^** Love is being stupid together.  **^*^**

Cute love quotes forhim, true love quotes for him

Meaningful Love Quotes | For Him | For Her | Deep | Life | Relationship | Tumblr | Short

**$$** I can die with her but can’t live without her a single day. **$$**
**$$** Loving her was my heart’s decision but finding her was my mind’s order. **$$**
**$$** Love isn’t about finding the perfect person, it’s about seeing an imperfect person, perfectly. **$$**
**$$** Love gives life meaning to live. **$$**